Tourist Attraction in Tirthan Valley

Great Himalayan National Park
Great Himalayan National Park, H.P. having area of 754 sqkm. Height ranging from 2000 meters to 5800 mtrs. It is land of glaciers and steppes and virtual heaven for trekkers. It is bordered by high Himalayan peaks on eastern parts and snow covered area on its northern and southern parts. A considerable portion of the park specially the eastern park remains covered with snow throughout the year.
Chehni Kothi (Traditional Fort)
Chehni Kothi is a 1500 years old building. It was the fortified residence of Rana Dhadhia. Initially it was 15 storeys high but after the earthquake of 1905 only 10 storeys were left. Presently this structure built of stone and wood only (No cement) stands around approximately 60 feet high. The ground floor is bigger in area as compared to the upper storeys giving it a cone like appearance. This place is near Banjar by road, followed by 3 km uphill walk. This is a typical Kullu architecture.
Water Fall
500mts from the Sharda Guest House. A beautiful waterfall in the wild forest for bathing and enjoying.
Jalori Pass & Seolsar Lake
Spelled also as Serolsar Lake or Sirolsar Lake / seurlser lake. Seryulsor located in Saraj balley Banjar...and it is around 25 to 30 km far from Banjar block .It is a very peaceful and beautiful place.And heare is a Bhudi Nagin Temple. Seolsar Lake at Jalori Pass is the boundery of the Inner & Outer Seraj we can see the inner Seraj valley and Outer Seraj at same time from one place. Serolsar Lake 4 km walking trek from Jalori Pass. Walk to Seolsar Lake through forests full of oak, blue pine, spruce, fir and Deodar. This place very good for meditation at high altitude.

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